Today you can decide to bring Lead USA directly to your company via Simulcast.

  • World-Class Leadership Training brought to your boardroom.

  • No travel required

  • Cost Effective and Convenient

Train your executive team or your entire staff without leaving the office!


What work is involved for me to participate?

The corporate downlink is meant to make your job easy!   All you need is a Room, Audio/Video, and a Good Internet Connection.  Mark everyone’s calendar for May 19th, and when the time comes, sit back and enjoy the day.

What technology do we need to receive the broadcast?

You will need broadband internet.  We use a streaming platform to send you the highest quality video possible over the internet. To experience the event in HD, your tech person should allocate 2Mbps exclusively for this downlink on the day of the event.

What if my company has multiple locations?

Each corporate downlink is good for one location.  If you have multiple locations that want to view the simulcast, you will need to purchase multiple Corporate Downlinks.  The good news is that we offer great discounts for multi-site companies.  Contact us right away to find out exact pricing.

Why should I consider a Corporate Downlink?

  • Save Money & Save Time – no travel required.
  • Enable your people to develop as leaders and be inspired to take action.
  • Learn from the best marketplace leaders
  • Provide a great leadership training event to your entire workplace with no effort on your end.  Simply log in to the live event on May 19th, sit back and take notes.
  • You can’t beat the price!   (See pricing details below)