Wisdom Speaks

A race has a beginning and an end. Your life is the same. But there are people that ran their race before you.....and there will be more people that run their race after you. Your legacy is created with the time you have been given.

The Corporate Opportunity

Fred Keller, Chairman of Cascade Engineering, has a vision for what life can look like when companies operate with a triple bottom line! It's not Corporate Social Responsibility.....it's our Corporate Social OPPORTUNITY!

Insight From The Team

Nothing great can be accomplished without a team. This is what some team members (employees) have to say about what leaders can do to inspire them and help them be more effective for their company.

Future Looks Bright

College Student and Volunteer Five Star Life Coach, Melissa Lee, shares her passion for Inspiring Greatness in others and displays what it means to live courageous for the benefit of others and herself!